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Little toys with Warning signs

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Jan. 29th, 2006 | 11:01 pm
posted by: tsu_nanashi in debbie_downers

You know those little megnetic things? The ones that come with a little black platform? (^^ I said a funny word.) Like this one...

Well, I know it's old news to come people but did anyone else hear about that little boy who swallowed two of the little balls magnets? He DIED of Septic shock syndrom. Basically, when the two balls got into his intestine, one went down one tract and the other down another. They connected THROUGH his intestine and he died. I think he was two. You know... those things have warning lables that say they're not appropriate for children under like 5 or 7... I can't remember which. ANd it's not like it's the kids fault or anything. Irrisponsible parenting is to blame. Stupid mothers who just don't know when to stop going the extra length to please their children. FOR FUCKS SAKE, THEY SHOULD BE MAKING YOU HAPPY!!! '>.>

Oh well...

What can you do?

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