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:D The first of it's kind

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Jan. 28th, 2006 | 01:07 am
Feeling: hungry hungry
music: Titanic- Hym to the Sea
posted by: tsu_nanashi in debbie_downers

Did you ever say that (Fill in the blank with someones name) would have a heart attak if you (fill in the blank with whatever.)? I don't know how many people may have heard about this.

Apparently a 15-year-old girl took responsibility for picking up her 4 brothers and sisters as well as her two cousins from school. I'll just assume that the parents were irrisponsible OR that this girl just had a very good heart and wanted to do a good deed. In any case, a semi hit them (while in the car) from behind and crushed their car between it and a school bus. The van burt into flames, exploded and all seven kids died. Not only that but 9 kids on the bus were injured, but wait! It doesn't end there. When the Grandfather of all seven kids heard about it, he had a heart attack and died. SO they have 8 funerals on their hands.

Now... the man driving the semi has been previously cited twice for driving with a suspended liceance and something else that I can't remember. The news, I shall quote as saying, ended thir reprot with this "Crews are still tying to figure out WHY the driver of the semi hit the van." Let us think this one over.

Oh well.

What can you do?

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