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Mar. 3rd, 2006 | 12:25 pm
posted by: tsu_nanashi in debbie_downers

Aren't you supposed to be happy when think that your lover might be pregnant with your child? I mean, if I were heterosexual and I was a male, I would be very happy and joyfull to know that. Maybe everyone heard about the boy here in florida who heard his girl friend was pregnant, asked her to meet up with him. When she got there, he tied her up with duck tape, covered her in gasoline and lit her of fire, burning her to death. The police have no idea if she was pregnant or not and neither did the boyfriend, she said she was and that made him mad.

She was a 17-year-old and a student at West Orange High school in Winter Garden Florida. Because she went to my school and I know people who knew her, this story touches even me, and I'm not one to be dissturbed by death.

My friend Liz knew her killer.

Liz (12:03:13 AM): Did you know Amelia, who was burned Friday night, was still burning on Saturday morning?
Liz (12:03:19 AM): The police thought it was vehicle fire.
Me (12:03:33 AM): You're kidding.
Liz (12:04:56 AM): Nope.
Liz (12:05:04 AM): They extinguished the fire near 5 in the morning.
Liz 12:05:09 AM): And they found her torso.
Liz (12:05:16 AM): It took a whole goddamn week to identify the body.
Liz (12:05:27 AM): That's fucking crazy considering the technology we have.
Liz (12:05:59 AM): A whole fucking week to identify a person? She could be idenitified, by the way, because of the missing report and because the tire tracks led to Dane.
Liz (12:06:39 AM): AND, he killed her 'cos he thought she was pregnant.
Liz (12:06:46 AM): Evidence shows that she wasn't pregnant.

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